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Trip Cancellation & Medical
Insurance for U.S. Residents

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Guardian 50

  • $50k medical coverage
  • Cancellation: 100% of trip cost-max $10,000
  • Interruption: 100% of trip cost

Guardian 250

  • $250k medical coverage
  • Cancellation: 100% of trip cost-max $15,000
  • Interruption: 125% of trip cost
  • Pre-existing exclusion waiver

Guardian 500

  • $500k medical coverage
  • Cancellation: 100% of trip cost-max $25,000
  • Interruption: 150% of trip cost
  • Pre-existing exclusion waiver
  • 'Cancel for Any Reason' option
Coverage highlights
Trip Coverage
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Missed Connection
  • Trip Delay
  • Emergency Evacuation
Medical Coverage
  • $50, $250, or $500K Medical Coverage Options
  • Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Extra Coverage
  • Rental Car Damage
  • Trip Cancellation For Any Reason
  • Pet Medical Expense

Coverage That Fits Your Lifestyle

Pet Insurance


Car Rental Insurance

*Included with World Explorer Guardian 500.

Comfort. Health. Security. Community.
At your fingertips.

Receive complimentary peace-of-mind services with your policy purchase through our INC app, a 12 month membership.
No other travel insurance provider offers this level of care.

Comparison of Coverage


Insured Nomads

Trip cancellation
Trip interruption and delay
Emergency medical and dental
Accidental death option
Emergency evacuation
High sum for overseas medical expenses
Cancel-for-any-reason option
Collision damage waiver option
Cancellation due to pre-existing medical condition
very few
Adventure & bodily contact sports option
very few
24/7 crisis response, emergency assistance, and real-time alerts*
Mental health multilingual counseling*
GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response*
Cybersecurity and online privacy protection*
Airport lounge access through InstaPassSM when registered flights are delayed*
*The INC membership features are non-insurance benefits. Any travel or medical assistance service provided is not a guarantee of any insurance benefit.

Typical Coverage Costs

Coverage options in example:
Guardian 250: $250 deductible, Florida citizen, and $2000 trip cost, for a 10 day trip.

Age 32     (example price)



Age 47      (example price)



Age 35x2 + 2 children (example price)


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