Travel Insurance

COVID-19: World Explorer plans cover international
travelers up to $100,000 for medical expenses
related to Covid-19 for no additional premium.
Coverage is available to travelers of all ages;
lower limits apply if you are over age 70.

World Explorer Max

The best coverage available, and very affordable.
Highest Medical Benefits
➡ $1,000,000 or $2,000,000
Medical Evacuation ➡ $500,000
Deductible ➡ Zero/$0 (nothing)
Adventure Sports/Personal Equipment Cover

COVID-19 covered up to $100,000 for medical expenses

World Explorer Flex

Build it the way you want it
Medical Benefits ➡ $50,000 t0 $1,000,000
Medical Evacuation ➡ $500,000
Deductible ➡ $0 to $2500
Add ons of Adventure Sports/Personal Equipment Cover

COVID-19 covered up to $100,000 for medical expenses

World Explorer Multi

Frequent traveler? The Multi 30Multi 45 are ideal if you come and go from your country and need travel medical cover. Check out this option and travel with peace.

COVID-19 covered up to $100,000 for medical expenses

World Explorer Student

Going for a trip, semester or long term int'l studies - just you, married, or with a family - the three options we provide are ideal.

COVID-19 covered up to $100,000 for medical expenses

Travel Insurance Claims

Point Comfort Underwriters responds to international traveler non-medical assistance requests during normal business hours which are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time (US). International collect calls accepted at +1 (317) 210-2010, or toll-free from the US at +1 (844) 210-2010, or you may email claims@pointcomfort.com

Am I required to submit any documents when I file my claims?


Yes. You are required to submit a completed Claimant's Statement and Authorization form, all invoices and original paid receipts, and any additional documents PCU may request. All forms and a “How To” guide for claim submission can be found in your member portal. Login

Is there a time limit for filing claims?


Yes. All claims must be filed within 60 days of the date the expense is incurred.

Can I appeal the decision on a denied claim?


Yes. You can appeal a denied claim within 90 days of the date the claim is denied. Appeals must be submitted to PCU in writing with full details of the reason for the appeal and all supporting documentation.

How can I find an in-network facility in the United States?


You can view/search the provider network via this link.

Where can I view the list of exclusions and full policy wording?


You should always refer to your Certificate for a complete list of Exclusions. You can access your Certificate in the PCyou Personal Portal found at my.pointcomfort.com using your desktop computer or most mobile devices. You also received a copy via email at the time of purchase.