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Our World Explorer plans are primarily for those who travel on short-term trips abroad, away from their home country. We provide travel insurance for the modern citizen.

World ExplorerSM

Single-Trip Travel

World Explorer MultiSM

Multi-Trip Travel

World Explorer GuardianSM

Single-Trip Travel + Trip Cancellation
what is it for

World Explorer plans cover you for emergencies that might occur at any point during your trip, in the country you are visiting. It offers benefits for both medical and non-medical situations.

  • Single trip from 1 to 364 days
  • Multiple short trips in a year
  • Individuals, couples or families

It covers things like

a stolen phone in Chiang Mai, Thailand

It covers things like

a visit to an urgent care clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico

It covers things like

a natural disaster evacuation in Papua New Guinea
coverage highlights
  • 24 Hour Emergency Medical Care
  • COVID-19 Cover*
  • Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Local Ambulance Transport
  • Natural Disaster Accommodations
  • Evacuation and Repatriation
Property & Misc
  • Lost Luggage
  • Flight delay
  • Cell phone coverage
  • Adventure and Marine Sports Coverage

World Explorer Additional Coverage

Adventure Sports

Available with World Explorer & World Explorer Guardian

Pet Insurance

Available with World Explorer Guardian.


Available with World Explorer & World Explorer Guardian.

Car Rental Insurance

Available with World Explorer Guardian.

inc membership

Protection Beyond Insurance

Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month INC membership with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the Travel Insurance policy or not.

Discover the Benefits

Typical Coverage Costs

Coverage options in example:
World Explorer plan: $250 deductible with a $1,000,000 medical maximum.

Age 32     (example price)



Age 47      (example price)



Age 35 + 2 children (example price)


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