Embedded Insurance Solutions from Insured Nomads and Fletch Make Travel Safer, Smarter and Easier

July 4, 2022

Insured Nomads and Fletch are deepening travel protection for travelers and digital nomads through their unique embedded insurance solutions.


They are doing this by embedding Insured Nomad’s travel and health products into Fletch’s network of existing insurance offerings, which makes purchasing travel insurance with other products and services, an easy, one-stop option for online shoppers.

Insured Nomads and Fletch are deepening travel protection for travelers and digital nomads through their unique embedded insurance solutions.  

Brett Estep, COO at Insured Nomads:

“Through the use of open API, Fletch provides a platform to offer our insurance products within someone else's customer journey; embedded and customizable solutions are the way forward. This makes it even easier for travelers to access our insurance solutions, and we are grateful to Fletch for that opportunity.”

Embedded insurance solutions reach the customer where they are, when they are interested, and in the method in which they prefer. User data generated also allows the insurer to custom tailor their insurance recommendations at the point of sale.

Frankie Lopez, Partnerships at Fletch:

“We are excited to integrate Insured Nomads products into our network of neobanks and employee benefits portals. The nomadic lifestyle has become ubiquitous and very few insurance products are tailored to this unique risk profile. Together we can contextually suggest the right products based on a user’s travel profile.”

In addition to travel insurance solutions, Fletch provides access to Prudent Pet for pet insurance, a need for pet owners that has seen massive growth in the last ten years.  

Insured Nomads travel insurance also includes 12 months of exclusive INC Membership at no extra cost. INC is non-insured, value-added benefits provided through their downloadable app, which includes geo-location travel alerts, a secure VPN, telehealth and mental health counseling, and more.

About Fletch  

Fletch Technologies Inc., connects digital ecosystems to relevant insurance products through an open protocol. Fletch currently supports several fortune 500 companies and is backed by top VCs and angels. Insurance policies are distributed by Fletch Insurance Services, LLC., a licensed producer in its operating states.

About Insured Nomads   

Insured Nomads is the first to take an integrated traveltech, fintech and insurtech solution to the world for remote workers, globally distributed teams, expats, and travelers. Their purpose is to make travel as safe and smart as staying at home. They do this by providing health insurance with exceptional medical benefits in tandem with wellbeing, safety, security, and advanced tech-enabled solutions for ease of payment for healthcare, emergency response and evacuation. Insured Nomads is available through affinity relationships, direct, embedded and through select brokers and partners for groups and individuals. 

Information on integration, collaboration and partnership contact Brett Estep: brett@insurednomads.com  



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