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Connecting and Communicating in a Cross-Cultural World with Tayo Rockson | TNN06
Tayo Rockson joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski (The A Squad as Tayo phrased it) in this episode of The New Nomad. They delve into why diversity is a good thing and how it encourages the search for novel information and perspectives.
Let’s Rethink Remote Work as Distributed Work Life with David Gamboa | TNN05
This episode of The New Nomads tackles mental health and the challenges remote workers experience day by day. Hosts Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski together with their guest, David Gamboa give tips on how to manage working from anywhere while ensuring that work-life balance is maintained.
The Future of Remote Workers: More Efficient for All with Liam Martin | TNN04
Listen to Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski as they interview Liam Martin, founder of a time and productivity tracking software company, and explore the effects of remote work to companies and how sustainable it can be.
Nomad Tax Tips & More with Krystal Pino | TNN03
Founder and Chief Nerd of, Krystal Pino, CPA, PFS, enlightens us with the ins and outs of tax filing while hopping from one place to another. This episode educates people on how to find out what your tax liabilities are per country and what to do after. A truly helpful episode especially for remote workers who travel frequently and need to attend to the nitty gritty of tax filing.
Cultural Sensitivities in a Zoom World with Christian Höferle | TNN02
In this episode of The New Nomad, Allen Koski and Andrew Jernigan interview Christian Höferle about how things might be opening up in different cultures and handling this Zoom world. As President and CEO of The Culture Mastery, he shares useful tips on how to navigate the world of virtual meetings/conferences while still being sensitive to other people’s culture and practices. They also put in their insights on how important body language is and how we, in this time of global pandemic and Zoom meetings, can work around that. This episode tackles how to anticipate what type of behavior and mannerisms we can expect to encounter in the virtual world and how to respond to them.
A Most Interesting New Nomad Shares the Nomad Experience With Olumide Gbenro | TNN01
Olumide Gberno, also known as one of the most famous digital nomads share with us his insights into the lifestyle, from where he lives and has his base in Bali, Indonesia.