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Taking Action First as a Successful Remote Worker With Mitko Karshovski | TNN16
Balancing thought and action will always be a challenge for many people. When you spend too much time studying and picturing what a project is going to be like, too much time thinking about how awesome it will be, and too little time actually making the thing, you make no progress. It doesn’t hurt to research but is there a thing like too much research? Yes, there is. So just take the action and get your plans rolling. That’s just what Mitko Karshovski did. He majored in the fields of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Art History, Journalism, and Creative Writing then eventually put all the collective wisdom he gained into action.
Going Remotely in Croatia with Dora Zane | TNN15
Have you ever been to a place where you just don’t know anybody and don’t have any idea what to do there? And you went there just because the name sounds exotic enough? Well, Dora Zane and her team in Going Remotely might just have what you need. They help people in navigating Croatia like getting bang-for-the-buck accommodation and helping people find the right environment for them. She was born and raised in Zagreb and spent some time in Amsterdam but went back to her home country to pursue her passion for helping people.
Active Volunteering in Cambodia and Beyond with Dave Richter | TNN14
What better way to appreciate what you have than giving back to those who are in need? It is true that we find happiness and contentment in helping others reach their dreams, may it be as simple as rebuilding their houses or as grand as traveling the world. It is innate to us as humans to have this urge to be of service to others. That is exactly what David Richter did, as is still doing to this point.
FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early with Eric Richard | TNN13
Retirement has a synonym: financial independence. Both terms are used to define a financial status that, once reached, means you’re no longer dependent on outside sources of income. Eric Richard worked his way into a lucrative corporate job in supply chain management, but with that came long hours and a terrible commute. After realizing that frugality can go a long way, he saved $500k and traveled around the world.
Global Dexterity and Reach: Step Out of Comfort Zones with Andy Molinsky | TNN12
Would you willingly step out of your comfort zone? Staying inside our “comfort zone” can make us feel safe and in control, but is it truly the best thing for us? Being in the Zoom existence that Covid-19 brought, it’s easier to just stay where you are comfortable and not challenged. There are some people who help others develop the insights and courage necessary to act outside their personal and cultural comfort zones. Andy Molinsky, a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, is one of them.
Sold House, Packed Up and Photographed the World with Gary Arndt | TNN11
Do you know how rare it is to meet someone who has been to all 7 continents and 140 countries? How can you keep up with all the memories? There’s a way to do it: Take photos of your adventure! That’s exactly what Gary Arndt did.
Moving Abroad Support and Counsel with David McNeill | TNN10
How do you really know a culture? Immerse yourself in it! Travelers are increasingly seeking these authentic, immersive experiences in new places. Being unfamiliar with the basics, like how to get around, how to speak the language, which restaurants serve the real deal, and which serve a touristy rendition of local food, can be very difficult to understand the bigger picture. But there’s no need to fear because immersing yourself in other cultures is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Third Culture Kids: Understanding Anchors and Mirrors with Ruth Van Reken | TNN09
Do you have an idea how it feels to be a citizen of one country but raised in another? If you are one of the people who were raised in a culture other than their parents' or the culture of their country of nationality, and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their child development years, then you are a Third Culture Kid. Exposure to various cultures is a beneficial yet somehow traumatizing experience for children as they become confused with their “mirrors and anchors”.
Skoolie Living Tips and Lifestyle with Chris Penn | TNN08
Many who enter #VanLife doesn't know anything about RV or vehicle maintenance, or even where and when they want to start. It’s important to know the basics, however, and have a general awareness of what’s going on. Chris Penn is a seasoned traveller with expertise on life on the road. Who could be more credible in educating people on how to actually start and thrive on the on-the-go setup than someone who has been traveling full time on the road for over a decade, before #VanLife was even #VanLife!
Living the Location Independent Lifestyle with Rowena Hennigan | TNN07
When you think of remote work, you can almost always relate it to having a drink with a tiny umbrella on a beach somewhere exotic while tapping on your laptop or having a Zoom meeting in a cozy mountain lodge in front of a roaring fire. That is not always the case. For some, they work remotely just because they can. But for some, it is a necessity for the health of their child, family, and even theirs.