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The Remote Show: Talking Async Meeting and Beyond with Tyler Sellhorn | TNN46
If you feel dragged to a Zoom meeting in the middle of the night when most of your colleagues are fully awake because it's daytime where they're at, you are not alone. The lack of real-time communication is becoming increasingly prominent in the workplace. For this reason, asynchronous communication is becoming a preferred means of communication in the workplace - making it easier for employees to work remotely without fear that they're missing out on critical conversations happening at the office. Tyler Sellhorn, Head of Customer Experience at Yac, is your go-to man when it comes to this type of work communication.
Festive Road: Fun Is Not the Enemy of Work with Aurelie Krau | TNN45
Freedom comes along with the phrase “Digital Nomad”. It is actually an understatement. Digital nomads are professionals who can work from anywhere - all they need is a decent Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone or laptop. They work in foreign countries, coffee shops, or shared spaces. And they have fun while working. Work does not hinder them to do fun things. They experience and get a taste of the local culture wherever they go. Aurelie Krau, a consultant at Festive Road and public speaker, can definitely attest to that.
Fairytrail The App to Find A Travel Match with Taige Zhang | TNN44
If you knew that you will meet your “The One” in a very spontaneous adventure, would you do it? Everyone secretly hopes that the love of their life will be waiting for them when their plane lands. Or better yet, that their special someone will be traveling with them to an exciting new city sipping complimentary white wine and picking out favorites from travel guides in flight. Traveling is fun – you’re in a new city and you’re going with the flow. Love abroad should mirror that easy-going nature as well. Taiga Zhang actually made this serendipitous moment possible through Fairytrail, a dating app made for single digital nomads and people who just like traveling and having fun
Health and Security Technology to keep you safe and secure with Brett Estep | TNN43
Choosing a health insurance plan or travel can be complicated but it is vital for travelers to know what kind of coverage they need and what they might need in their journey. The good thing about insurance packages is they have almost everything you need; from medical to evacuation to canceled flights. You just have to fully understand what they have to offer. Getting advice from experts on what exactly your plan covers and analyzing your needs would be the most efficient and effective way in purchasing your insurance. Brett Estep, Chief Operating Officer of Insured Nomads, would be happy to enlighten you about their policies and what’s in them for you.
Expat Secrets Revealed of the Expat Money Show with Mikkel Thorup | TNN42
Traveling is fun. You can experience a whole new culture and learn about the place first hand. But there are a lot of things you need to consider when traveling, and obtaining a visa to that country that fits your needs is one of them. While researching and educating yourself is really helpful when applying for documents needed for you to visit or even live in these countries, advice from people like Mikkel Thorup, a best-selling author and podcast host, would really do wonders for you.
Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Small Talk to Cultural Competence with Theresa Hollema | TNN41
Globalization has become part of the modern world, but many are yet to understand how it affects their lives. Communicating with other people thousands of miles away is a breeze. You can even find out about events happening around the world from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection. Theresa Hollema, author of the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Create Successful Teams Around the World, would agree that distance is not a barrier anymore.
Mobility Empowered: Let’s get you and your goods there with Chris Kline | TNN40
Moving to a new location can be exhilarating for some people, but it can be overwhelming for others. Even if you are generally a pretty positive person, you may still feel intense stress before and during your next big move, and there are many reasons it can happen. In short, moving is not an adventure that most of us look forward to. Chris Kline, Chief Marketing Officer and CoFounder of Mobility Empowered, is the perfect person who could help you get the nitty-gritty of moving manageable.
Travel like a Boss Joins Us from Kiev, Ukraine! with Johnny FD | TNN39
So you want to be a digital nomad. You already have a job or business that allows you to work from anywhere. You already have a place in mind (somewhere where there is a beach and great food). You are already packed and ready to go. But what really are the things you need to consider before deciding that the laptop lifestyle is for you? Johnny FD Jen, a location independent entrepreneur and author, is one of the experts in the field because he, himself, had gone through the ups and downs of the digital nomad world.
Exploring the World as a Means of Self Improvement with Shay Doran | TNN38
Travel and exploration is a wonderful and fulfilling way to improve yourself on so many levels. Breaking out of your comfort zone is so difficult to do. Human beings are almost programmed to find whatever makes them feel safest and do it over and over again, even if it prevents them from growing. Traveling will force you to take a different approach. It’ll push you outside the comfort zone you know and love and open you up to new experiences. And the best way to learn all this is to be coached by a seasoned traveler and digital nomad, Shay Doran.
Global Health Insurance, Evacuation and Assistance Demystified with Scott Maras | TNN37
Safety, such a big word these days. With the threat of Covid-19 still rampant, safety could never be more important for travelers. And it doesn’t mean just medical safety. Natural disasters, political unrest, terrorism are just a few that everyone traveling should be on the lookout for. Having a plan in place is just as important as your travel experience and Scott Maras, the owner of ITG Worldwide, is just the person who can help you plan your travels and get you prepared for anything else in between.