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Remote Works and the Future of Work with Ali Greene | TNN56
The nature of work is changing faster than ever as workers and businesses adapt to economic challenges like public health crises, technological disruption, and climate change. Even though we didn’t expect the future of work to come so quickly, the shift to remote work and the emergence of virtual workplaces are forcing us to adapt to these changes.
Let’s Demystify Global Migration with Relocate.world with Jurgen Pretsch | TNN55
Moving abroad is a major life event for anyone who is brave enough - and lucky enough - to take the leap. While being an expat is exciting, fun, and eventful, it can also be challenging. From making friends to figuring out where to buy groceries, the difficulties of living in a foreign country can feel insurmountable at times. It is definitely hard, but not impossible. Relocate, a global marketplace for expatriates and digital nomads helps people plan, execute, and thrive in their decision of moving abroad.
Going Global to Rewirement, not Retirement with Doreen Cumberford | TNN54
Retirement is bliss for some people. It’s a common notion that retirement equates to chill days by the beach, traveling in a camper van and visiting interesting places, or just having fun every day with family and friends. But for some people, rewiring is better. It’s a change of mindset that results in new adventures and eliminates the boredom of being retired. Doreen Cumberford, a coach, writer, and speaker can attest to the thrill of being in the state of rewirement.
Global Mobility and Black Identity with Amanda Bates | TNN53
Being able to move abroad is often a symbol of money and privilege. It can also indicate a degree of freedom, a sign that one need not be constrained to a certain area of the world or lifestyle. There's a growing movement of black travelers choosing location independence, digital nomadism, and remote work abroad. The good news is that entrepreneurship and remote work provide travelers of color the opportunity to build a life, have an income, and feel welcomed in fascinating places that celebrate all people.
1st Anniversary Podcast with our Podcast Mentor & Yours with Omar Mo | TNN52
Podcasting is a much less crowded and competitive space than blogging, making now the perfect time to get started. The ubiquity of mobile devices and shifting content consumption habits represent a huge opportunity for the growth of podcasts. Done right, there are many advantages to starting a podcast of your own - new audiences, less competition, and greater intimacy among them. Omar Mo, founder of the Nomad Cast Podcasting Agency and host of The Nomadic Executive podcast can help you out with getting your message across.
Empowering Expat Women and Beyond with Camilla Quintana | TNN51
It’s quite challenging to be an ex-pat, more so being a woman ex-pat. For women, the ability to work remotely is more than just a reduced commute time and increased productivity. Remote work can provide the flexibility needed to stay on top of family commitments without compromising their working hours. Breaking the barriers in this male-dominated world, women find themselves challenged at work and in their personal lives. Camilla Quintana, an ex-pat empowerment coach, understands the hardships of being the fairer sex in the digital world.
Data Driven to Data Informed for Remote Teams with Imran Rehman | TNN50
The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. The role of data is to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends, and statistical numbers. But with so much information out there, business leaders must be able to sift through the noise, and get the right information, so that they can make the best decisions about strategy and growth. Imran Rehman, CEO, and co-founder of Kokoro knows how vital data is in teams and how to make data work to benefit your business.
A Privacy Expert Shares Your Unknown Data Dangers with Dallas Winston | TNN49
In this day and age, your personal information is at risk. From social media to package deliveries, you could be risking your information and it could be shared maliciously. We all know someone whose personal information has been stolen or read about these crimes happening somewhere. These crimes are easily prevented. Dallas Winston of privacypost.io can definitely help you out to keep your accounts secured.
Special Edition: Direct from Ukraine with Orest Zub | TNN48
Ukraine is in the headlines all around the world. Russia has built up tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border, an act of aggression that could spiral into the largest military conflict on European soil in decades. This war could lead to tens of thousands of civilian deaths, a European refugee crisis, and a response from Western allies that includes tough sanctions affecting the global economy. Orest Zub, the founder of OpenMind.ua, is in the front line when it comes to spreading the word online.
Nomad Stays: Digital Nomads, Come and Stay Awhile with Mark Phillips | TNN47
Yes, digital nomads stay in one place for some time. Many professionals and employees have realized that the newly implemented remote and flexible work policies have allowed them to work free from the anchor of a company office or workspace. This has given birth to far more remote workers and digital nomads seeking freedom of movement while still building a career. Of course, stable internet connection, distraction-free working spaces, and access to necessities are a must. This is where Mark Phillips of Nomad Stays is an expert.