Designed for expats, int'l workers, digital
nomads and those living a global lifestyle

No Covid-19 Exclusions

Instantly Issued
No delay
No waiting period

Available for those under
66, then renewable

Simplified, No Medical

No Annual Deductible

Excess (similar to co-pay)
per incident rather
than annual deductible

Up to 10% discount if covered
currently and no claims in the last year

Premium Rewards on Renewal

Choose by Region not Country

Wide range of options including maternity, dental, vision, complementary medicine, travel vaccinations and much more.

No Required Network/PPO
No co-insurance in USA
(normally 80/20,major savings)

Cybersecurity Benefits

VPN: up to 3 devices/adult
Antivirus, malware protection, online
password manager, breach alerts

Length Options

Annual: 12 months, renewable
Short term: 2+ mo, non-renewable

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Within just a few clicks you can get your monthly or annual premium, in either US$, € or £. No medical history questions, instantly issued.

Policy Wording

View the full details, we hope you don't need to use the policy but we want you to know how it's built, what is covered and how it's done.



View the policy features, schedule of benefits in a short format to understand the differences in Select, Primary + and Primary plans.


Our claims team is here to walk you through the process. We want to see you cared for in every step of the journey.

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Annual Aggregate Maximum
Primary +

Hospital Benefits

Private Hospital Bed
Surgeries, Anaesthetists’ fees, Operating Theatre, Specialist, Physician and Nursing Fees, Intensive Care.
Prescribed Medicine & Drugs
Diagnostic Tests & Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET)
Diagnostic Tests & Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET)
Oncology/Cancer Treatment
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Home Nursing (following hospitalisation)
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days
Hospital Cash Benefit
$/€150 per Night
$/€100 per Night
$/€75 per Night
Rehabilitation (following hospitalisation)
Parent Accommodation
Second Opinion for Surgery
Organ Transplant

Outpatient & General Practitioner Benefits

Family doctor, General practitioner, Specialist and Physician consultations fees; including outpatient surgeries
Yes, for pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation
Prescribed Medicine & Drugs
Yes, for pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET)
Yes, for pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation
Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine
20 Sessions
10 Sessions

Oncology/Cancer Treatment
Management of Chronic Conditions
10 Sessions /$/€3K
10 Sessions /$/€3K

Assistance Service & Specialist Benefits

Emergency Medical Transportation
Local Ambulance
Expenses for accompanying Dependent
– Travel
– Accommodation & Subsistence
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Compassionate Home Travel
Family Compassionate Travel
Terminal & Palliative Care
$ / €15K

Maternity Care Benefits

* = Excludes costs incurred in first 12 months

Complications of Pregnancy
Normal Delivery
Elective Caesarean Operation
Non-elective Caesarean Operation
Home Delivery
Home Nursing following Home Delivery
5 Days*
Newborn Care

Dental Care Benefits

* Dental benefits (except accidental) are subject to a 20% co-pay

Accidental Emergency Dental Treatment
Routine Dental Treatment
Basic Restorative Dental Treatment
Major Restorative Dental Treatment

Optical Care Benefits

Examinations & Lenses (inc. contact lenses)

Preventative Benefits

Annual Medical Check Up
$/€/£ 300 maximum benefit*
$/€/£ 250 maximum benefit*
Travel Vaccinations
Cervical Smears
Prostate Cancer Screening

Check Mark = 100% refund to policy annual maximum aggregate
* Dental benefits (except accidental) are subject to a 20% co-pay
*must have policy for 12 months before this benefit starts, at renewal.


Do you have chat available for questions?


Yes! We can answer your questions through chat, phone or email. Click here to see how.

Who is eligible to purchase


Cover is available where the Primary Insured is between eighteen and sixty five years of age (at the Effective Date), permanently resident outside their Home Country and their Dependant(s), where accepted for cover by Us in writing. You do not have to be outside your home country at the time of purchase.

Currency ($/€/£) How does that work?


If you select your premium to be paid in US$ then your benefits are based on the US$. If you select to pay your plan in Euro or Pound, then the benefit is paid in Euro.

How do I get a discount on the first year?


A discount of 10% off your first year is available when you purchase an  Select or Primary+ (annual), and 5% on the Primary plan (annual) if you provide proof of the a year you have been claims free from your current insurer. Cover must be current continuous and without any break. A comparable level of cover must be purchased from us.

In Area 3 (Worldwide coverage) is there a limitation on how long I can spend in a country (such as USA or Canada)?


The plans are for those living outside their passport country. If you purchase a plan to cover you in Area 3, there is no limitation to how long you can stay in any country as long as you are an expat/living a global lifestyle with the intent to continue to do so.

Are their exclusions for covid-19 or countries where there is a travel warning/advisory?


There are no exclusions on Select, Primary+ or Primary (short term or annual plans). The plans do not have exclusions due to FCO/CDC/+ pandemic travel restrictions. Get your quote/purchase.

How does the 'excess' work?


If you choose to carry an excess (as Zero excess option is available), this is applied per medical condition per policy period. This means that should you claim for the same condition several in the same policy year, we will only apply the excess once; and costs incurred after that will be paid to the policy maximum. The term ‘Excess’ is the amount of any claim that you will be liable to pay the health care facility before the insurance policy takes over, per policy period.

Is there an annual deductible?


No. There is not an annual deductible that has be met. You are probably familiar with plans where there is an annual amount that must be met by either one or two of the covered persons on the plan. Nomad Health Insurance plans do not have an annual deductible, only the per condition excess.

Do you cover outpatient treatments or trips to the doctor?


Yes, on our Primary+ and Select plans we provide coverage for outpatient treatment and GP care, e.g. visits to your General Practitioner. Although, on the Primary plan outpatient coverage is only included where it is related to a valid pre-hospitalization and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalization.

Do you cover routine medical check-ups?


Yes, under Select plan we provide coverage for annual routine medical check-up. The Primary+ plan also provides annual medical check-up coverage after you have been insured with us for a period of 12 months..

How do I know which hospital/doctor I can go to?


You are entitled to be treated in any hospital of your choice though please ensure that you have your treatment pre-authorized beforehand. For a directory of hospitals please click here (the directory in our app is for information only and is not a ‘network’).

What is a pre-existing condition, and how are they covered?


In the Nomad Health Insurance plans a pre-existing condition is defined as any condition, disease, Illness or injury, secondary or associated complaint where You have sought or received advice, treatment, therapy, been submitted to a special diet or shown symptoms in the two years prior to your effective date (whether or not the condition has been diagnosed).

They are excluded, except where You have been symptom, treatment and advice free for a period of not less than 24 consecutive months following your effective date.

When can maternity benefits start?


If you choose to purchase the Select plan, you are then eligible for maternity benefits after 12 months have passed. Due to the potential costs of care in comparison to the cost of the premium there is a waiting period on this benefit.

Complications of pregnancy are a covered benefit, on all our plans at different levels after 12 months have passed. There is a waiting period on this benefit due to the potential high financial risk in covering this incident.

Can I get dental and vision benefits?


If you choose to purchase the Select plan, you are then eligible for both optical and dental benefits. See the above benefit schedule for more information, or view the policy wording for full details.

Is it necessary to declare a condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, or any other pre-existing condition?


No. As we do not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, we do not need to know about them except in the event of a claim.

Does the plan cover our university age child that is in our home country?


If you select the area of coverage that your dependent child is in and they are under 21 years old then they can remain on your policy.

Are school sports covered? (soccer, football, lacrosse, etc: university or secondary schools)


Yes, where not competitive. If they are competitive, then they must be declared and accepted.

Do you provide coverage for the USA?


USA Residents: While we don’t cover people permanently residing in the USA, we are able to cover short term (up to 1 year) policies for people looking to travel to the USA whilst they obtain their green card. Please select an Area 3 option when applying online and use your normal residence as the correspondence address.
Non-USA Residents requiring access to treatment in the USA: If you simply wish to be able to receive any treatment in the USA – but don’t actually reside in the USA – you can select an Area 3 option and you are able to obtain treatment anywhere in the world (including the USA).

What happens if I get sick outside my Area of Coverage?


You are covered for up to $/€50,000 of treatment on each trip outside your Area of Cover, for conditions from which you have not previously suffered before traveling, provided that your trip is not longer than 30 days in duration.

Accordingly, if you travel regularly to another Area we would ask you to consider increasing your Area of Cover.

Will having claims during the year affect my renewal?


Once you are accepted for cover, you will be able to renew on the prevailing rates, regardless of your claiming history. Where no claims are made under your policy in a particular contract year, you will be entitled to a no claims discount (Premium Reward), which can reduce your premium by as much as 20%.

How do you pay claims?


Medical Insurance providers are judged on how they service a claim. After all, this is why the cover has been purchased in the first place. We know this and we are committed to making the process as simple and painless as possible for you. For inpatient/admitted claims, we will always endeavor to either pre-approve your claim directly with the treating facility or, if you choose to ‘pay and claim’, settle claims within 5 working days of their substantiation.

If the treatment is likely to exceed $/€1000 please obtain our prior approval as soon as reasonably possible, but at least 7 days before treatment. This will enable us to pre-approve your claim so that you don’t have any nasty surprises and we can guarantee costs directly to a hospital so that you don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses. Please note that all non-emergency claims likely to exceed $/€1,000 are required to be pre-approved by us. This ensures that we can validate your claim, to provide maximum peace-of-mind, and ensure you don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Outpatient claims, these are reimbursed. Once you become aware that you need to make a claim against your policy please call us for the appropriate claim form; or you can download one from here. Please return this form (after it has been signed by the doctor) with proof of your loss, detailing the dates, nature and cost of the illness and the treatment prescribed and provided, with original receipts, as soon as reasonably possible.

Our claims are all administered by Expatriate Group, a five star "excellent" rated administrator of policies. Go to our claims page, click here.

Are you regulated?


Yes, our policies are administered/provided by Strategic Insurance Services Limited (trading as Expatriate Healthcare and Expatriate Group) and they are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA Firm Reference Number is 307133. Strategic Insurance Services Limited are authorized to carry on Regulated Activities in accordance with the permissions granted by the FCA under Part IV of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. You can check this on the FCA’s Register by visiting the FCA’s website or by contacting the FCA on +44 (0)845 606 1234.

We believe that all our customers, regardless of where the policy was sold, should be entitled to the same regulatory benefits and protections as those purchasing cover in a FCA regulated territory. Accordingly, wherever possible, we shall extend these benefits to all of our customers.