OUR Mission

Making an impact in our global community

Supporting our own community means helping communities around the globe so that together we can make the world a better place for all.

We are involved in Pledge 1% and we are a signatory of the UN Global Compact, as sustainability starts with a company’s value system and a principles-based approach to doing business. We are committed to integrity and sustainability through the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Why Insured Nomads

There’s a need for change in how the insurance experience unfolds for those who travel and encounter the unexpected, the unplanned, or the catastrophic.

These trials should be met with support and care. Handled with empathy and in a language you understand. Made easy by modern tools. Steeped in a spirit of solidarity and generosity.

As a company, we’ve come together to bring this transformation about and make it reality so that we may all explore the world with protection beyond insurance, increased wellbeing, and unparalleled peace of mind.

Meet our

We are honored to be backed and trusted by some of the smartest founders, operators, and investors. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Meet the

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Andrew Jernigan 🇺🇸
Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder
Allen Koski 🇺🇸
President & Chief Operating Officer, co-founder
Brett Estep 🇺🇸
Chief Medical Officer & Founder
Juliana Jernigan 🇧🇷
Markus Zettner 🇺🇸
Director, EMEA & APAC
Mo Buglow 🇬🇧
Affinity Relationships Broker
Brad Harris 🇺🇸
Benefit Consultant, Americas
Michal Wieczorek 🇵🇱
Technical Product Manager
Jandrie Klopper 🇿🇦
Partner & Client Success Lead
Jenny Magallanes 🇵🇭
Quality Assurance Specialist
Ryanne Torotoro 🇵🇭
Director of Engagement
Chris Nam 🇰🇷
Digital Marketing Strategist
Imad El Kartit 🇲🇦

Board of

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Winrock International
Tayo Rockson
CEO, Krunam
Chris Wexler
Global Head, Live & Work Anywhere; Airbnb
Quasar 'Q' Hamirani
Founder, Seedscout
Mat Sherman
Founder of Peanut, CEO of Simtek
Brady Simpson
President, Principio Coffee Co & Share Hope Int'l
Melvin Airhart
Chairman & CEO,
Ron Hesse
CEO, Long-Term Stock Exchange; Author, The Lean Startup
Eric Ries
President, Krunam; Managing Partner, Just Business
Mark Wexler
Founder, Intribe
Sven Radavics
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