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International Health Insurance

Get powerful protection for the cross-border lifestyle.

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Global protection for health, wellbeing & safety

An international lifestyle calls for global medical insurance that protects you and your team around the world. Our robust medical policies provide a high level of care, benefits and support with a payment card connected to the Mastercard network for ease of payment once authorized, in addition to in-app reimbursement and direct pay to our network of over 1 million providers.

Preferred & Preferred Plus

Plans providing medical protection with a high level of care, benefits, features and support.
Included: Benefits beyond the policy: juvo

Tech-Enabled Security, Safety, and Comfort

When you purchase an International Health Insurance policy you get 12 months of membership to juvo, our app providing the you with a curated bundle of features, services and benefits, including GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response, counseling and wellbeing support, cybersecurity (VPN and protection), telemedicine, global location intelligence, travel alerts, duty of care compliance, airport lounge access and exclusive perks globally. juvo travels with you to provide safety, service and support while empowering policyholders to live and work anywhere around the world.

Wellbeing and mental health counseling 24/7 with multi-lingual options
Virtual health with International Access
Emergency Evacuation for Natural Disaster, Political, or Conflict Situations
Airport lounge access through Priority Pass
Real-time travel alerts, country info on safety, security, medical & more.
Crisis response and emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your virtual bodyguard
Cybersecurity and online privacy protection: VPN, antivirus & malware safety
Exclusive Perks & Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Insured Nomads Underwriting GmbH has designed and created robust plans as International Health Insurance offering with capacity provided by VYV Groupe/VYV IB (France). The benefits of juvo are included on policies purchased after the 30th of April 2021 and are separate from the insurance policy, read more here.

Is COVID-19 covered?
Yes, COVID-19 is treated as any other illness under this policy. Be aware the as it is an international health insurance policy there are no included benefits for hotel quarantine requirements as this is not a medical benefit.
What is the Mastercard connection?
We have seen that change is needed in how it should be easier to use your insurance. On the International Health Insurance plans (Preferred & Preferred Plus) you get a transactional card that is connected to the Mastercard network to pay for authorized claims. In addition, you can use our app (iOS Apple or Android) for processing claims and instant reimbursement, yet we prefer to pay the hospital/clinic directly in all situations where this is possible. (note: Nomad Health Insurance plans do not come with this feature)
Where can I learn more about the juvo app?
Read more about the juvo app here. Travel policies purchased after the 18th of April get juvo for a 12 month period of time from the start of your policy. juvo is a membership program that includes crisis response, assistance, airport lounge access, evacuation for political unrest/terrorism/natural disaster, telemedicine, wellbeing/counseling, and so much more.
How do I reach customer service for claims and policy support?
You may reach our service team via phone, email, web portal or through the Insured Nomads app for policy management (iOS Apple and Android app). Phone: +1-205-236-5117
What is the waiting period on International Health Insurance plans?
There is not waiting period with the exception of the following: Wellness check-ups: 6 months, Maternity: 10 months, Mental health & substance abuse: 12 months, Organ transplant: 24 months of continuous coverage.
Is there coverage if I go outside my chosen region of cover?
Yes, there is emergency medical cover of €100,000 outside your selected coverage area for max of 45 days per trip.
What extreme/hazardous sports are excluded?
Professional sporting activities or any hazardous sporting activity, or extreme pursuits or activities are excluded, including but not limited to Kite Surfing, Rock or Cliff Climbing, Mountaineering, Motor Sports of any king, Aerial activities and sports, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving to a depth greater than 30 meters or where a PADI Certificate is not held, Tomb-Stoning, any sport involving animals including horse riding/racing, polo, speed competitions of any kind, racing of any kind other than on foot, and skiing off-piste.   If you will be needing short term cover for adventure sports get an additional travel insurance for that period of time only that includes it, click here.

Additional Policy Details

Access the Policy Wording, Preferred and Preferred Plus

Insured Nomads Underwriting GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany (IDK: D-614H-AG1IB-19) and Insured Nomads - UK branch (FCA: 946962) in London, England. Insured Nomads Corporation (NPN#19616300) acting as the agent in selling these insurance policies in the USA. It receives compensation based on the premiums for the insurance policies it sells.

Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.   Further information is available upon request.   Available direct and through select brokerage firms.