Connect Health Insurance

Tailor-made insurance: custom coverage, plus Mastercard integration, lounge access, therapy, telemedicine, cybersecurity, and more to suit your lifestyle.

Health Plans

Our CONNECT Plans are best for you if you are moving to a new country and staying for longer than 6 months


From $224/month

Up to $500,000 medical maximum
per policy

Connect One

From $256/month

Up to $1,000,000 medical maximum per policy

Connect Three

From $256/month

Up to $3,000,000 medical maximum per policy

Medical Benefits

Stress-free coverage with the benefit maximum that you can choose. US $500,00, $1,000,000, $3,000,000

Deductible Options

Choose your deductibles from the following: US $0, $500, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000

Smart Wallet

The Connect Health Insurance plans come with our Mastercard payment in-app integration and

Areas of Coverage

Live freely with coverage in 190+ countries, whether at home or abroad.

Comfort / Health / Security / Community
At your fingertips

Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month INC membership with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the Travel Insurance policy or not.






Typical Coverage Costs


(available in many configurations)

example options:
$1,000 deductible
inpatient only in this scenario

(Emergency medical included outside of coverage area for trips of 42 days or less)


Age 35; in Spain



Age 35, 2 adults; in Bali



2 adults, age 31 + 2 children living in Bali, Indonesia


Coverage Highlights

Inpatient Care

Outpatient Care

Mental Health

Assistance & More

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Comparison of Coverage


Insured Nomads

Outpatient, maternity, and dental/optical as optional benefits


Infertility treatment benefit included 

very few

Psychiatry benefit included

very few

Mastercard® connected ID card and instant reimbursement

24/7 crisis response, emergency assistance, and real-time alerts 

Mental health counseling in over 60 languages and diverse cultures

GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response

Cybersecurity and online privacy protection

Airport lounge access through PriorityPassSM