Start screen

Once you have open the app, you will come to a home screen that may look a bit different depending on your company’s different choices.
You can always return to the start screen by pressing the Home button, down on the left.

On the home page you can quickly report your position. Your employer will then be notified of where you are.
Some organizations require you to report your position once or several times a day. Talk to your line manager about what applies to your business.

If your company has linked their travel bookings to Safeture, you will see all your upcoming trips here as well as important information about possible delays and departures.

On the home page, you automatically receive alerts, based on your position. The color scheme shows directly how serious the alert is. Here are also reports compiled by our analysts.

At the bottom of the home page you have a number of different choices that come with on all other pages as well.

  • Home screen
  • Alerts
  • Emergency button
  • Country information. Information on all regions 
  • Additional choices (More menu)