Location Accuracy

Depending on the ability of the device to establish a location, the INC app can receive varying accuracy when requesting position data from the phone. Below are some prerequisites to “help” the device to establish a good position and to allow the INC app to share it accurately.


  • In your device’s location settings, you should always allow the INC app to use location and share location data.
  • Remember: You always have full control over your location data and privacy settings from within the app where you can toggle both services and level of the position.

Other Factors:

  • WIFI network:

Being connected to WIFI increases the likelihood that your position reporting will be inaccurate, compared to your “true” location. In practice, the position of your internet base station or router, i.e. probably set by your internet provider, will be used as your actual position.

  • Connected to VPN:

Similar to WIFI, being connected to VPN significantly increases the likelihood that your position reporting will be inaccurate, compared to your “true” location. Depending on the VPN setup, it may report your position in a different state or country for privacy purposes.  If so, using VPN can make your device believe that you are at a different location than your real location, and thereby also report a “false” location via the INC app.

  • Mobile Networks:

This is the best option for getting an accurate position. In this case, with a strong cellular network connection, your position can be determined by triangulation and GPS (trilateration), theoretically depicted in the graphic.

Hence, being in a basement usually degrades the accuracy, while outdoors usually increasing position accuracy significantly.

Also, turning on Bluetooth improves location accuracy as Apple location service utilizes it in reporting positions.

Test your devices accuracy:

You can test whether the position in the INC platform is the same as on your mobile device by:

  • Opening another mapping application such as Apple Maps on your iPhone
  • Touch the blue dot signifying where you are
  • Your current location coordinates will appear (may need to scroll down below address)
  • This will be the same position as the one you find at the bottom of the assistance page in the app and for your user profile in the web portal.