INC App Positioning

Why should I allow positioning in the INC mobile app?

In order to receive contextual and position-based alerts you need to always allow the INC mobile application to use your location services. If your organization has integrated the INC Platform with an assistance provider, always allowing the INC application to use your location will enable the assistance provider to help you wherever you are, when you are in need of assistance.

For full privacy, location settings can always be changed in the mobile application. In the mobile application, you can decide to switch off the services of the app (i.e. completely turn off notifications and positioning), or you can switch off exact positioning (i.e. decide to only provide information on what country you are located in).

Optimal device settings

Always allow the INC application to use your device’s location data. You can do this by going to your device’s Settings → Privacy → Location Services. Make sure your location services are enabled and that you have chosen “Always” for the INC mobile application.

In the INC application, you have two different privacy settings, Service and Location Accuracy, read more here.