Help- just one click away

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you have experts on call for you at the touch of a button.
  • Local emergency numbers are provided for your assistance.
  • Your position on map and in the text.
  • Share your present location with the alarm center.

You have a virtual bodyguard and on-the-ground response capability globally ready to get you to safety around the world and your membership includes evacuation in the following scenarios:

  • Natural disaster - Tsunami, earthquake,hurricane, volcanic eruption
  • Conflict - Terrorist event, war, insurgency
  • Medical - Endemic, epidemic, injury, accident
  • Political - Civil war, riot, terrorist attack, coup d’état, nuclear / chemical / biological disasters

It includes:

  • Evacuation of expatriate members, their dependents and foreign business travellers
  • Specialist security and evacuation advice and services
  • Relocation within the country of local nationals and their dependents
  • Salaries of those persons evacuated
  • Contingent salaries of those persons who elect to remain in the country
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Additional security measures required to protect assets in the country
  • Value of personal possessions left behind
  • Assessments and specialist advice obtained in preparation for a return to the country
  • Medical expenses (by extension)

The following are excluded from the policy:

  • Violation of the laws of your home country
  • Failure to procure and/or obtain immigration, wor, residence or similar visas
  • Pandemic (such as COVID-19)