Content and information

How do you collect information?

Information is gathered from 196 countries and thousands of sources around the clock. This is mainly done through Safeture’s information mining system that handles and filters thousands of sources in real-time.
The information is reviewed and evaluated 24/7/365 by analysts and experts after which the relevant information is distributed to the users. We continuously rate the sources on credibility and relevance, and experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps us to sift and evaluate.

What sources do you collect data from?

  • News (International and Regional)
  • Seismological institutes
  • Meteorological agencies
  • Departments of Foreign Affairs
  • Other Government Agencies
  • Social Networks and forums (Crowdsourcing)
  • Aid organizations and other NGO’s
  • Meta-data aggregation
  • Health and Disease Surveyors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Social Media

How do you guarantee that the information is correct?

Safeture has a number of security experts who validate all the information and use alternative sources for cross-validation of the main source. Furthermore, Safeture continuously rates the sources with regards to credibility and relevance, and experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps Safeture to sift and evaluate.
In addition, Safeture works closely with private security providers across the globe and have access to on-the-ground information from these partners for conducting the analysis and reporting.

How often is country information updated?

Country profile information is constantly updated and reviewed. In general:
Important information such as the “Threat Assessment” section is updated within days of a significant change.
Less critical information, such as “Cultural Do’s and Don’ts” and “Geography“, is generally reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.
Alerts, warnings, and advisories are always published as near real-time as possible.

For medical information, what specific sources do you use?

To obtain valid medical information, Safeture uses sources such as:
International medical institutes and organizations
Region-specific or local organizations
In some medical sections, there are clear references to specific sources such as the WHO or CDC.