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JUVO Group Health Insurance

Juvo health plans from Insured Nomads are radically customizable medical insurance benefits programs for group employee benefits, whether it's 2 of you or 20,000.

Grow with JUVO

Duty of care program included so you can monitor, locate and communicate with team members, in-app crisis response, mental health therapy sessions, airport lounge access for rest breaks during travel, telemedicine, and cybersecurity benefits.

Customize Your Coverage: Re-engineered for Today's Workforce

Juvo: Group Health Plans


Starting at $80 PEPM
$1,000,000 medical maximum


Starting at $120 PEPM
$3,000,000 medical maximum


Starting at $135 PEPM
$5,000,000 medical maximum

In today’s era of structures it is not always easy to provide  employees across major international markets with health insurance. At Insured Nomads, we have designed the Juvo series of plans as customizable as you need so that  you no longer have to work with multiple providers when managing or expanding into multiple countries. Budget easily with standardized health insurance for those in their home country, regional or worldwide coverage. View a brochure, click here.

Coverage Highlights

Inpatient Care

Outpatient Care

Mental Health

Assistance & More

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Purchase any coverage with Insured Nomads and get a robust in-app duty of care and feature rich membership with non-policy benefits including instant response button for crisis response, telemedicine, mental health therapy, cybersecurity benefits, perks around the globe including airport lounge access.

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Comparison of Coverage


Insured Nomads

Outpatient, dental, and maternity as optional benefits


Infertility treatment benefit included 

very few

Psychiatry benefit included

very few

Mastercard® connected ID card and instant reimbursement

24/7 crisis response, emergency assistance, and real-time alerts 

Mental health counseling in over 60 languages and diverse cultures

GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response

Dashboard for locating employees & sending push notifications: duty of care program

Cybersecurity and online privacy protection (VPN, malware & virus protection, 5 devices per member)

Airport lounge access through PriorityPassSM

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