Health Insurance for those beyond borders.

Who is it for

Global Health Insurance is for those who work abroad or plan extended stays outside of their home country.


It covers things like

a hospital stay in Hanoi, Vietnam


childbirth in Costa Rica


chemotherapy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania



For those individuals or families who live a location independent lifestyle and need health insurance not limited geographically.

what is it for

Global Health Insurance covers you for emergency as well as routine, preventative, chronic care in the country or countries you have selected in your plan. It offers ongoing medical coverage for the entire duration of your plan (typically 1 year, renewable).

Also called International Health Insurance or IPMI (international private medical insurance).

  • Extended trips or relocation
  • Comprehensive medical coverage
  • Individuals, couples or families
  • Preferred & Preferred Plus options
coverage highlights
Inpatient Care
  • Hospital Stay
  • Surgery & Related Care
  • Oncology
  • Organ Transplant
Outpatient Care
  • Physician consultations
  • ER or Urgent Care
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Alternative & Complementary treatments
Mental Health
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Support
Assistance & More
  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative Screenings
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Maternity
  • Vision Care
Choose your Global Health Insurance options and get coverage.
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inc membership

Protection Beyond Insurance

Purchase coverage with Insured Nomads and you also get a 12-month INC membership with exclusive non-policy benefits that are available to you whether you file a claim on the Travel Insurance policy or not.

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Typical Coverage Costs

Coverage options: €1000 deductible, maternity coverage and €1,000,000 medical maximum


Age 29 from Canada moving to Cape Verde & Portugal



Age 47; from Brazil moving to Spain



Age 35, two children; from the Netherlands moving to Indonesia


Buy Preferred Global Health

Comprehensive medical plan with regional options, excluding the USA

Buy Preferred Plus Global Health

Comprehensive medical plan for worldwide coverage, including in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Insured Nomads Underwriting GmbH has designed and created robust plans as International Health Insurance offering with capacity provided by VYV Groupe/VYV IB (France), and is MFPrévoyance of CNP ASSURANCES (Ratings: Fitch: A+ | Standard & Poor's: A | Moody's: A1). The member benefits of INC are included after the 20th of May 2021 and are separate from the insurance policy, read more here.

Is COVID-19 covered?
Yes, COVID-19 is treated as any other illness under this policy. Be aware the as it is a global medical insurance policy there are no included benefits for hotel quarantine requirements as that is not a medical benefit.
What is the Mastercard connection?
We have seen that change is needed and how it should be easier to use your insurance. On the International Health Insurance plans (Preferred & Preferred Plus) you get a transactional card that is connected to the Mastercard network to pay for authorized claims. In addition, you can use our app (iOS Apple or Android) for processing claims and instant reimbursement, yet we prefer to pay the hospital/clinic directly in all situations where this is possible. (note: our previous plans as Nomad Health Insurance do not have this feature)
Where can I learn more about the INC app?
Read more about the INC app here. Policies purchased after the 18th of May get INC for a 12 month period of time from the start of your policy. INC by Insured Nomads is a membership program that includes crisis response, assistance, airport lounge access, evacuation for political unrest/terrorism/natural disaster, telemedicine, wellbeing/counseling, and much more.
What is the process once I apply?
Once your application is submitted it is then reviewed by our medical underwriting team, this process takes on average 2 business days. If there is more data required due to responses to your health history, then you will be contacted to provide that information and then it's processed. The decision response is sent to you, and if it's accepted as quoted you get a payment link to complete the purchase. If the policy is offered to you at a new price/premium increased due to health question responses then an offer will be sent for you to accept and then the payment email is issued to you. Soon after the payment is made the policy is then issued to you, you then get a welcome email with all the benefits that come in parallel to the policy so that you can add the apps to your phone and enjoy the features that are along this policy for your wellbeing and safety.
How do I contact claims and policy support after I purchase?
You may reach our service team via phone, email, web portal or through the Insured Nomads app for policy management (iOS Apple and Android app). Check contact numbers at and save this number for reference: +1-205-236-5117
What is the waiting period on International Health Insurance plans?
There is not waiting period with the exception of the following: Wellness check-ups: 6 months, Maternity: 10 months, Mental health & substance abuse: 12 months, Organ transplant: 24 months of continuous coverage.
Is there coverage if I go outside my chosen region of cover?
Yes, there is emergency medical cover of €100,000 outside your selected coverage area for max of 45 days per trip.
What extreme/hazardous sports are excluded?
Professional sporting activities or any hazardous sporting activity, or extreme pursuits or activities are excluded, including but not limited to Kite Surfing, Rock or Cliff Climbing, Mountaineering, Motor Sports of any king, Aerial activities and sports, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving to a depth greater than 30 meters or where a PADI Certificate is not held, Tomb-Stoning, any sport involving animals including horse riding/racing, polo, speed competitions of any kind, racing of any kind other than on foot, and skiing off-piste.   

If you will be needing short term cover for adventure sports get an additional travel insurance for that period of time only that includes it, click here.

Additional Policy Details

Policy Wording:
Click to view the Preferred (EU and other regions), Preferred Plus (USA and rest of world)

Click here to view the 'Insurance Product Information Document' also known as IPID