Insured Nomads

The Future is Here

Coverage where you are, delivering leading global health and security protection.

Boldly Breaking the Mold. Protection beyond the policy.

Insurance + Technology
= insurtech

The first insurtech in global health and security protection for remote workers, travelers and global employee benefits.

Payment Simplified

Instantaneous transfers, Mastercard enabled member id card and touchless payments are possible and we are committed to implementing it in 2021.

Exemplary Service

Asynchronous communication is essential so we serve via a multi-platform method for prompt and efficient assistance.

Benefits Beyond Medical Care

You live a healthy life and deserve more for your money than the potential hospital bill being paid. We commit to providing features, benefits and technology you can and want to use.

Fair Pricing

We provide high level benefits at fair and reasonable pricing. It's our belief that access to care should be available to more people.

Full Spectrum. Global Protection.