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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum policy length I can purchase?

One year.

If you are looking for coverage for less than one year, we would recommend exploring our Travel medical programs.

Who can be on my Individual Annual Medical (IAM) policy?

You can add eligible dependents, including your spouse and children. Parents and siblings should purchase their own policies.

Can I go anywhere in the world for treatment?

You can receive treatment anywhere in the world if you have purchased worldwide coverage. In the USA, prior approval may be necessary.

Will pre-existing conditions be covered by my plan?

If you sought advice or experienced symptoms before the start date of your plan (whether you have been diagnosed or not), we may decide to add exclusions to your plan. It is important you fill out the medical questionnaire as accurately as possible.

Does Insured Nomads provide an ID card that guarantees payment?

The ID card identifies you as an active member. Our Mastercard enabled payment card is designed to make payments to providers for eligible services. If you have access to a mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay), you may want to add this card to your methods of payment.

Do you have any pre-authorization procedures before elective or scheduled surgery?

Normally, you do not have to pay for treatment up front. However, you should contact Insured Nomads (ExpatTPA) to set up direct payment to the hospital or clinic. This also allows us to access our medical director and provide further information on locations that can serve you.

If reimbursement is necessary, can you reimburse in my home currency?

We can reimburse you in the currency of your choice. Most members choose to receive payment in US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.

Can I scan claims to Insured Nomads?

Yes, we accept scanned claims.

Do you offer dental and vision benefits?

Vision is included on our Global Health Insurance plans, Preferred and Preferred Plus.

Vision and Dental are available on Group Global Benefit solutions for employer plans and ASO/Level funding solutions.

Do you provide medical, security, and natural disaster benefits?

Yes, you can purchase those benefits.

Do you provide mental health benefits?

Yes, we offer robust virtual mental health coverage. You can also discuss further options with our Global Medical Director.

Do you provide telemedicine options?

Yes, we have many remote workers covered with Insured Nomads who need to access telemedicine benefits.

I am concerned about my impending trip. What travel information and assistance do you provide?

We provide travel advice and alerts focused on medical and safety. If you need immediate assistance, we offer a panic button that goes directly into our Global Assistance team to respond to your need immediately, 24 hours a day as part of the INC/Insured Nomads Community membership and available for 12 months.

Do you cover COVID-19?

Yes, COVID-19 is treated as any other illness under this policy. Please be aware that since this is a global medical insurance policy, there are no included benefits for hotel quarantine requirements as that is not a medical benefit. For countries with State Department Level 4 (Do Not Travel), we suggest you contact us directly.

Are acts of terrorism covered under the plan?

Yes, we don’t exclude injuries or illness related to a terrorist act.

Also, INC/Insured Nomads Community membership comes with relocation/evacuation for terrorism as one of the features.

If I am traveling to a country where I must show proof of coverage in order to receive a work visa, do you help?

Yes, provided our benefits satisfy the local requirements, we would be pleased to provide appropriate documentation. Please click the chat button below and provide your policy number and country requirements for us to assist.

Do I have access to your Global Medical Director?

Yes, we are eager to help.

How long does it take to get an ID and Payment card?

Once you join the program, you will be forwarded an electronic ID and Payment Card within 24 hours.

How do I contact claims and policy support after I purchase?

You may reach our service team via phone, email, web portal or through the Insured Nomads app for policy management (iOS Apple and Android app). Check contact numbers at and save this number for reference: +1-205-236-5117

What is the Mastercard connection?

We believe it should be easier to use your insurance, the Mastercard connection helps accomplish that.
On the Global Health Insurance plans (Preferred & Preferred Plus) you receive a transactional card connected to the Mastercard network with which to pay for authorized claims.

In addition, you can use our app (iOS Apple or Android) for processing claims and instant reimbursement, though we prefer to pay the hospital/clinic directly in all situations where this is possible.

Please note: our previous plans as Nomad Health Insurance do not offer this feature.

What is INC by Insured Nomads?

INC by Insured Nomads is a membership program that includes crisis response, assistance, airport lounge access, evacuation for political unrest/terrorism/natural disaster, telemedicine, wellbeing/counseling, and much more.

Policies purchased after the 18th of May 2021 get INC for a 12 month period of time from the start of your policy.

What is the process once I apply?

Once your application is submitted it is reviewed by our medical underwriting team. This process takes on average 2 business days. If there is more data required due to responses to your health history, you will be contacted to provide that information. This additional information is then processed.

The decision response is sent to you, and if it's accepted as quoted you will receive a payment link to complete the purchase.

If the policy is offered to you at a new price/increased premium due to health question responses, an offer will be sent for you for acceptance followed by the Payment link to complete the purchase.

Soon after the payment is made the policy is issued to you. You will also receive a welcome email with information regarding the non-policy benefits of the INC membership that is included with your purchase so that you may enjoy all the features that are available for your wellbeing and safety.

What is the waiting period on Global Health Insurance plans?

There is not waiting period with the exception of the following:

·      Wellness check-ups: 6 months of continuous coverage

·      Maternity: 10 months of continuous coverage

·      Mental health & substance abuse: 12 months of continuous coverage

·      Organ transplant: 24 months of continuous coverage.

Is there coverage if I go outside my chosen region of cover?

Yes, if you have our Global Health Insurance there is emergency medical cover of €100,000 outside your selected coverage area for a maximum of 45 days per trip. If you have our Travel Insurance then you have either Worldwide or Worldwide excluding the USA and there is no need to list every country you will visit at the time of purchase, only one is required.

What extreme/hazardous sports are excluded on Global Health Insurance?

Professional sporting activities or any hazardous sporting activity, or extreme pursuits or activities are excluded, including but not limited to:

·     Kite Surfing,

·     Rock or Cliff Climbing,

·     Mountaineering,

·     Motor Sports of any kind,

·     Aerial activities and sports,

·     Bungee Jumping,

·     Scuba Diving to a depth greater than30 meters or where a PADI Certificate is not held,

·     Tomb-Stoning,

·     any sport involving animals including horse riding/racing, polo,

·     speed competitions of any kind,

·     racing of any kind other than on foot,

·     and skiing off-piste.

If you will be needing short term cover for adventure sports, we recommend getting an additional travel insurance policy for that period of time.

Where can I see the Policy Wording and Policy Summary (Global Health Insurance)

Please refer to our main Global Health Insurance page to download the brochure, policy wording and policy summary (IPID or Insurance Product Information Document).

Do you cover COVID-19?

Travel Insurance

Yes for any country that is Level 3 travel advisory status or lower with the US Department of State, COVID-19 is covered up to the medical maximum of the policy. The policy does not cover quarantine lodging due to testing posting for COVID-19. Covid-19 tests and vaccinations are not covered items.

The policy is still valid for all non-COVID related claims if the country you are in is Level 4. Check the US Department of State Travel Advisory status, click here.

Global Medical Insurance/International Health Insurance

Yes, there are no exclusions for Covid-19 care as long as it was not a pre-existing condition exclusion before you purchased the policy. Covid-19 tests and vaccinations are not covered items.

Read more here.

How are claims processed for Travel Insurance?

As soon as you know that you are ill/injured, contact us through the INC app, global medical assistance numbers or via email. All claims must be filed within 60 days of the date the expense is incurred.

If you are admitted and time allows then direct pay is made to the facility/hospital. Reimbursement is most always the method of payment.

Can I appeal the decision on a denied claim?

Yes, you can appeal a denied claim within 90 days of the date the claim is denied. Appeals must be submitted with full details of the reason for the appeal and all supporting documentation via email/writing.

How can I find an in-network facility in the United States?

You can view/search the provider network via this link.

Policy Wording and Policy Summary

Please refer to our main Travel Insurance page to download the brochure, policy wording and policy summary (IPID or Insurance Product Information Document).

What is the maximum trip length?

For trips outside the USA, we can cover up to 364 days of travel.  For foreign nationals to the USA, we can cover up to 90 days per trip.

Can I have family members on my business travel trip?

Yes, provided you enroll them before your travels. We have many members who take their family with them on business trips and sojourn on the weekend or post-business trip. Please feel free to add eligible dependents.

Will pre-existing conditions be covered under Insured Nomads travel programs?

We assume you have a primary plan back in your home country. When traveling outside your home country, Insured Nomads will direct you to medical services and work with your primary medical provider.

Is travel coverage good for both leisure and business trips?

Insured Nomads can cover all your global trips.

Are any countries off-limits for travel?

Insured Nomads excludes OFAC Sanctioned countries. The current listing includes North Korea, Iran, Burma, and Cuba. If worried about a particular country, please contact Insured Nomads or visit

Do I get a plastic ID card mailed to me?

You receive a digital ID card to print, share and add to your digital wallet on your phone (Apple Wallet/Google Pay Wallet). Your digital card should share with someone who is not going with you for easy access in emergency situations.

Does Insured Nomads support languages beyond English?

Yes, we are multilingual.

How can I pay for my travel coverage?

Insured Nomads accepts all major credit cards online.

Do you provide direct payment to providers or must I pay first?

Yes, we offer direct payment to providers via our transactional card. If the provider doesn’t offer direct payment, we will quickly reimburse you.

Do you offer evacuation benefits for medical, security, or natural disaster?

Yes, the evacuation benefit pays for medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or appropriate medical facility. Aside from the medically underwritten portion there is also our benefit as part of the Insured Nomads Community/INC membership provide evacuation and relocation services for political unrest, terrorism and natural disasters.

Can I access medical providers of my choice worldwide?

Feel free to choose the provider of your choice. We will work with that provider to directly settle your medical charges with us. If you need help, please contact us and our Global Medical Director will assist you.

I am already on my trip. Can I buy the Insured Nomads travel insurance?

We strongly recommend you purchase our program before departure. We reserve the right not offer coverage mid-trip.

Do you provide telemedicine if I am unable to get to a provider?

Yes, we provide telemedicine services. Please contact Insured Nomads for support.

Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

No, our international travel and global health insurance plans are not subject to and do not provide benefits required by, PPACA. PPACA requires U.S. citizens and certain U.S. residents to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage unless they are exempt from PPACA. Tax penalties may be imposed on U.S. citizens and U.S. if applicable. Any expat/global health insurance plan available in the market is non-compliant to what is referred to as 'ACA' or PPACA regulation.