Do most policies cover Lost or Stolen Laptops?

No, generally, travel insurance will only cover a lost laptop if it was in a checked back that was lost (and that is after the carrier has paid their portion of the claim.  BUT...

Insured Nomads does offer coverage on the many of our World Explorer plans if your laptop, cellphone, tablet or camera is's an included benefit on the World Explorer Max travel insurance policy.

Most travel insurance policies also include a lost luggage benefit but realize that is a long process of filing the the airline and then with the insurance company, for any remaining difference.

Having this feature of covering stolen personal equipment is unique and not customary within the travel insurance space.

In providing for strong benefits for you, Insured Nomads also protects those vulnerable to human trafficking.

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Yes, in the Insured Nomads World Explorer policy there is personal equipment cover provided.

Covered Photography Equipment : Benefit of a maximum of $1,000

What is included?

Camera, camera flash accessories and camera lenses.

Covered Electronics and Communications Equipment: Benefit of a maximum of $500

What is included?

Mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers.

Policy Wording Details: Personal Equipment Coverage

Within the maximum benefit allowed, according to the policy wording, the Underwriters will reimburse the Insured Person the Actual Cash Value of his/her Covered Sports Equipment, Covered Photography Equipment and Covered Electronics and Communication Equipment which are permanently lost while traveling on board a Common Carrier, or are stolen from the Insured Person.

Conditions and Restrictions

Underwriters will provide Personal Equipment Coverage benefits only when all of the following conditions are met:

1. The Insured Person must have applied for and purchased the Personal Equipment Coverage option (which it's already built in to the Insured Nomads policies in most cases)

2. In the event Covered Personal Equipment is permanently lost while traveling on board a Common Carrier, the Insured Person must:

a. submit a copy of the Common Carrier’s claim form and such other documentation as Underwriters may reasonably require as proof that the Insured Person’s Covered Personal Equipment was permanently lost; and

b. the Common Carrier must first reimburse the Insured Person the full amount that it is legally required to pay for lost Covered Personal Equipment, and proof of such reimbursement must be provided to the Plan Administrator by the Insured Person; and

c. lost Covered Personal Equipment reimbursements under this insurance will be provided only if and to the extent the Actual Cash Value of the Covered Personal Equipment exceeds the amount of any reimbursement by the Common Carrier.

3. In the event the Covered Personal Equipment is stolen from the Insured Person, he/she must submit a formal Police Report, made by authorities with jurisdiction over the location of the theft, and made at the time the theft was discovered by the Insured Person, which identifies the stolen Covered Personal Equipment and the circumstances surrounding the theft. In the event no Police Report is available, no benefit will be paid.

4. The Insured Person must submit evidence of the original purchase price and original purchase date of any Covered Personal Property. Covered Personal Property purchased from friends or Relatives of the Insured Person, provided to the Insured Person at no cost to him/her, or rented or loaned to the Insured Person are not covered under this insurance.

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