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"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." C.S. Lewis

Insured Nomads is the first insurtech in global benefits, offering a full portfolio of insurance solutions for the globally mobile including international health, life and disability, and travel insurance. Uniquely positioned with innovative technology to empower an easy and efficient customer experience. Serving clients around the world, with numerous customer service points, we operating a lean and agile enterprise with strategic partners around the globe. Available direct and through select brokers/intermediaries.

Note from founder, Juliana Jernigan
Courage scares me a bit, I will admit it.  But when our family was faced with death 7 years ago it was courage that filled our hearts and asked us questions that had the words legacy, wholeness and health in them. And by doing that, courage added form and shape to a dream that, we understood right then, was shared not only between my husband and I, but with many others as well.

A dream that was formed along our journey, first as adventurous singles, then as global nomads moving from city to city on a mission to lend a hand and impact the world. 40+ years, working across 5 continents, many countries and 3 children later, what started as a stubborn mission to transform the world resulted in hearts transformed. Many, I'd like to believe. But mostly ours - broken first, then mended together by the strongest glue of all, love itself. In this spirit, we are partnered with Not For Sale, to generously provide funding for their work globally to end human trafficking, and other charitable organizations that do so much good.

Our hearts? They burn for those who are not afraid to cross cultures and make a difference  - equipped and healthy in mind, spirit and body.

So we gathered our courage, multicultural friends and traveling stories (and histories) and we asked ourselves the questions: If we could do it all again, how would we do it differently, better? Who would we like to have on our side? The answer? We call it Insured Nomads, an insurtech protector of health and livelihood.

To all our courageous friends who leave behind the familiar to venture out into brave new worlds, sometimes for days, sometimes for years, sometimes forever: Insured Nomads exists to provide peace of mind, protection. This team wants to see you go farther, stronger and in good company.

- Boa viagem!
 Juliana Jernigan, MD, MBA, MPH, DTM&H
 Co-founder & Global Medical Director

Our Leadership

Our culture is of invigorating hope, creativity, impact,
generosity and innovation in global benefits.

Andrew Jernigan
Allen Koski
President, Chief
Innovation Officer

Juliana Jernigan
Global Medical Director
Markus Zettner
Chief Commercial Officer
Brett Estep
Vice President, Partnerships
Andrew Sandilands
EU & UK Market Leader

Our Board of Advisors

Chris Wexler
CEO, Krunam
Matt Sherman
Founder, GrowthMeter
Melvin Airhart
President, Principio Coffee, Share Hope Int'l
Nikolaus Sühr
CEO & Co-founder, Kasko
Ron Hesse
Chairman & CEO, GlobalAutoIndustry.com
Tayo Rockson
Author & President, UYD Management
Eric Ries
CEO, Long Term Stock Exchange
Mark Wexler
Managing Director, Not For Sale & Just Business
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The work of Not for Sale is currently in the Netherlands, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, and Thailand. With your help, along with the purchases of insurance plans from Insured Nomads they will be able to expand these efforts. We invite you to make a special gift today.