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Insurance for the Modern Company, Remote Workers & Travelers

International coverage, instant help, simple claims, seamless integration, and essential travel tools.

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Seamless Global Benefits

Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical benefits, mental health therapy, crisis response, travel alerts, in-app 24/7 instant response for assistance.

A Bridge to Global Protection

Travel Insurance

Smart benefits solutions – built for you to live, work, and play wherever you are – just a few clicks away.

World Explorer

Single Trip Travel Insurance: Short trip coverage for the modern traveler. Travel medical coverage for 7 to 364 days.

World Explorer Guardian

Trip cancellation travel insurance, medical, evacuation, benefits and more. Currently eligible for US residents only.

World Explorer Guardian

Uniquely designed travel insurance for areas of conflict, warzones, or hotspots such as Afghanistan, Sudan & Ukraine.


We are Global Citizens

Like you, we are world citizens, deeply connected to the global community of those who break barriers and go beyond borders. Our founders have lived on all five continents. Our team is made of travelers and nomads, people who often live, work, and play outside of their home country. Our organization is diverse, global and distributed - a fully remote company and we understand those leading and living in this manner.

Chris Nam
A Korean-born citizen, living in the USA as an expat and has lived in Australia for 2 years; Chris is living for the future of work. With his background in Neuroscience, he is involved in multiple non-profits around the USA and has experience researching Alzheimer's Disease, the Biology of Aging, and memory formation. Chris has too many hobbies including golf, tennis, cars, and sunset dates with our Digital Marketing Associate. He currently in Atlanta, USA, where he is hoping to build a nomad coworking space soon.
Michal Wieczorek
Michal is a true nomad, having traveled to Poland, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Italy...you name it... he is our adventurer. Living in San Antonio, USA with his wife, Michal loves a nice cup of boba on a walk out at the park with his dog and enjoying talks with friends about where to go next and about the current economy.
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INC: A Smart Travel Tool Within Your Fingertips

12-month INC membership that provides in-app benefits including mental health support, cyber risk protection, and perks around the world such as airport lounge access &ย and so much more.

*Included with all policies

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