Insurance for the remote worker, traveler & expat.

Protection beyond insurance for going beyond borders

Your Global Health, Safety & Well-being Partner

Insurance Coverage

Meeting the needs of the globally mobile - from remote workers to education and government to nonprofits, digital nomads and expatriates, retirees and location independent individuals. 

Confidently going abroad with peace of mind and protection that goes beyond the policy.

Travel Medical Insurance

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International Health Insurance

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Tech-Enabled Membership

Along with your insurance coverage you get aurated advanced technology membership bundle that provides policyholders with features, services and benefits. It includes a GPS-enabled SOS/panic button response, counseling and wellbeing support, cybersecurity (VPN and cyber protection), telemedicine, global location intelligence, travel alerts, duty of care compliance, airport lounge access, and exclusive perks globally. INC membership travels with you to provide safety, service, and support while empowering you to live and work anywhere around the world - born from within our Juvo Innovation Lab.

Wellbeing and mental health counseling 24/7 with multi-lingual options
Telemedicine/virtual health care.
Airport lounge access
Emergency Evacuation for Natural Disaster, Political Unrest, and Conflict Situations.
Real-time travel updates, country info for safety, security and medical.
Crisis response and emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Cybersecurity with VPN, antivirus and malware protection.
A Culture of Generosity

Not for Sale is funding an end of modern slavery and exploitation globally.

Funding and fighting to end modern day slavery through each purchase.

A Global Issue

About 45.8 million people today are living in slave-like conditions. That’s bigger than the population of California, Canada, or Argentina. Nearly every country on earth is affected, including the United States. More than $150 billion in profits are generated annually by businesses employing slavery and exploitation.

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Directed Donations

We give from every policy sold. Would you join us in making it part of your way of life also?

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Global insurance that is technology enabled, service driven, with benefits beyond the policy.

Travel Insurance
Health Insurance
Who is Insured Nomads?

Discover more about our culture, leadership and vision for re-imagining how protection and insurance is designed, serviced
and delivered.

About Us
Insured Nomads Underwriting GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany (IDK: D-614H-AG1IB-19) and Insured Nomads - UK branch  in London, England, United Kingdom.

Insured Nomads Corporation (NPN#19616300) acting as the agent in selling these insurance policies in the USA. It receives compensation based on the premiums for the insurance policies it sells.

Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.   Further information is available upon request.   Available direct and through select brokerage firms.